Anyone Who Filed Their Taxes Online with Intuit Turbo Tax®/H&R Block® in 2021 or 2022 May be Eligible For Compensation

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Intuit Turbo Tax®/H&R Block® Tax Prep/Filing Services May Have Committed Privacy Violations

Intuit Turbo Tax®/H&R Block® may have employed tracking tools on its website to share users' data covertly.

Hilliard Law is now organizing consumers for action against these companies regarding possible privacy breaches.

Arbitration is an alternative dispute resolution method that allows consumers to take action against a company that may have caused them harm.

There is no fee for signing up; you’ll pay nothing if the attorneys don't win your case.

Hilliard Law seeks California residents who’ve used Intuit Turbo Tax’s®/H&R Block’s® online tax filing services.

Authorities suspect that Intuit Turbo Tax®/H&R Block® may have employed a web tracking tool known to gather and share customer details without user consent secretly.

The attorneys encourage consumers to act against Intuit Turbo Tax®/H&R Block® over potential California privacy law breaches.


Privacy breaches have the potential for severe damage

Websites often employ tracking tools, such as Pixel, to collect user information helpful for advertising purposes.

The  Pixel® is a coded element on a web page that can track users' actions, including clicks and viewed content, and typed data in search bars or forms.

It can also track individuals'  IDs, enabling website operators to link users to their online activities.

Using the tracking tool may breach specific state privacy laws if website operators fail to obtain user consent before collecting and sharing sensitive personal data.

We believe all California residents who’ve suffered privacy breaches after using Intuit Turbo Tax’s®/H&R Block’s® online tax filing services should receive justice and potential compensation.


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The Internet is the fastest way to connect with the world, but not the safest. The internet is full of scams and gambles, and you are at security risks online.

Most internet users are least bothered about online privacy and unaware of its plausible risks. Your privacy and safety are endangered.

This is especially important if you use the internet to perform sensitive and secretive tasks like online banking and sharing crucial business files.

Online users can be vulnerable to security threats, which have safety implications.

Trackers spy on you online. Trackers record your search history and track all your online activities through various means.

This gives them a clear picture of you and your interests. It breaches the online privacy policy and makes you public property, allowing advertisers to show ads according to your taste and interests.

We urge all California residents who’ve suffered privacy breaches after using Intuit Turbo Tax’s®/H&R Block’s® online tax filing services to request a free case evaluation.

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If you filed your taxes online with Intuit Turbo Tax®/H&R Block® in 2021 or 2022 and believe your privacy may have been invaded, we stand with you.

At Hilliard Law, our award-winning trial attorneys fight companies that collect and share user information without consent.


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